SAQA - Textile Posters catalog

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This catalog features artwork from SAQA's Textile Posters exhibition. Also included is a foreward by Kristin La Flamme (SAQA Education Committee) and essay from Juror Joseph Lupo.

ISBN: 978-0-9966638-8-5
Softcover, 54 pages


SAQA’s Textile Posters brings together the familiarity of quilts with the equally familiar vernacular of posters to create a visually exciting, informative, and emotional exhibition.

Juror Joseph Lupo, an art professor and printmaker, has selected pieces which reflect the wide diversity of posters. What all have in common is an emblematic economy of text and imagery. Posters are meant to convey a message in the blink of an eye, be it to inform, educate, or persuade. It is that particular aesthetic consideration which characterizes these textile artworks.


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