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Water - it’s everywhere!  The majority of the earth’s surface is covered by water, and more than half of the human body consists of water. But water also plays an essential role in our survival. Cultures have thrived based on their proximity to water, and crops survive or fail, based on rain or the lack thereof. Every living thing depends on water to survive, and life hangs in the balance when shortages persist. 
This exhibition encouraged the artist to interpret one of the most vital, desired, powerful, sacred, and enjoyed resources on earth in their own unique, individual style, whether abstract, graphic, or representational.

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Sound of Water   Sound of Water
Margaret Abramshe   •  St. George, Utah USA More Info
$1500   An ancient Chinese philosopher named Zhuang Zhou said, "You will always find the answer in the sound of water." We are born in water and some are reborn through water. For me the sound of water is the path to quiet my mind and find peace in a chaotic world. This quilt is a visual representation of sound pouring over oneself in meditation.
A River Ran Here   A River Ran Here
Regina Benson   •  Golden, Colorado, USA More Info
$6800   I fly over the Colorado River as it meanders from my home, through Arizona and on to Mexico. Rushing waters give way to stark, cracked surfaces with darkened paths; sad, yet beautiful reminders of our planet's struggles with fresh water. Now NASA has captured images of similar cracked surfaces and dark paths on Mars. I wonder what happened to the flowing water there. I am ▶
Ponderings V   Ponderings V
Erika Carter   •  Renton, Washington USA More Info
$4000  Pondering thoughts emerge with the dance of bare branches against the river running.
Past Is Present   Past Is Present
Linda Colsh   •  Middletown, Maryland USA More Info
$4800   Shoulders hunched, a woman treads carefully on the icy cobblestones. She is exposed, but ignored by others in the street. They turn away, eyes averted. She wears a heavy coat with a thick wool scarf tied around her neck, a second scarf over the first. As the others avoid her, she tries with almost no success to avoid water in all its bad-weather forms: dangerous and ▶
Indigo Ice   Indigo Ice
Judith Content   •  Palo Alto, California USA More Info
$15,000   Indigo Ice emerged from childhood memories of New England winters. The hillsides may have been ghostly shades of grey, but the icy creeks mirrored the indigo sky, and the fallen leaves of autumn were preserved like fossils beneath the glass-like surface of the ice.
Didymo   Didymo
Nancy Crasco   •  Brighton, Massachusetts USA More Info
$2500  Didymo is a type of algae (didymosphenia germinata) that has been spreading slowly through the freshwater areas of New England.  Commonly known as "rock snot," it covers the bottoms of streams and rivers with a dense mass of fibrous material, which is how it connects to the rocks in the riverbeds, choking off the natural vegetation.
Light & Dark 11   Light & Dark 11
Chiaki Dosho   •  Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken Japan More Info
$2700  In Japan it has been said that human beings will die, become foam, and disappear. Many people disappeared in the tsunami. I imagined they had become a bubble of the sea. I think someday they will be born again from the small bubbles that come from the rocky gaps at the bottom of the ocean. I expressed those gaps and the sadness of my heart, represented by red cloth.
Beneath the Surface   Beneath the Surface
Judith Duffield   •  Boulder, Colorado USA More Info
$1000   Rivers are the life blood of the land, and yet we abuse them, draining them dry or using them as disposals. Even in rivers that maintain their beauty, man-made detritus lurks beneath the surface.
Memory of Water   Memory of Water
Susan Else   •   Santa Cruz, California USA More Info
$2500  In Sacramento in the sixties, there were no water meters. I remember unlimited usage for our pool and garden—and washing the car with the hose running. Fifty years later, living on the California coast, I have a different idea of what landscaping should look like. We've all become desert dwellers.
Alarming Negligence In Bloom   Alarming Negligence In Bloom
Suzanne Evenson   •   Inverness, Florida USA More Info
$1500   Florida's Treasure Coast has witnessed a recent outbreak of slimy green algae. This caused fish kills, peril to sea life, and hazards to both humans and animals. The algae bloom is a symptom of toxic chemicals that are flowing into Florida's once pristine water. The layers in this image are the water, the floating debris of inaction, and unheeded warnings and calculations. ▶
Flow #3   Flow #3
Dianne Firth   •  Canberra, ACT Australia More Info
$3600  Water is never static; it ebbs and flows in an attempt to find equilibrium. This is also a metaphor for my life.
Cottonwood Delta Blues   Cottonwood Delta Blues
Jaynie Himsl   •  Weyburn, Saskatchewan Canada More Info
$4000   While looking at a fallen leaf one day, I was struck by its resemblance to a map.   Patterns of decay suggested areas of drought, lakes, and other map markings.  Cottonwood Delta Blues is an expression of nature's dependency on water and how humankind is changing its normal distribution.
Water Over Sky   Water Over Sky
Donna June Katz   •  Chicago, Illinois USA More Info
$3500   Air, earth, fire, water—everything is connected. Rivers course, lightning branches, sediment becomes rock, fossils form, the Milky Way and lightning bugs glow, leaves fall, and Mars, Earth and the moon take it all in.
Boiling Point   Boiling Point
Liz Kuny   •  Morristown, New Jersey USA More Info
$1300   Steam—its uses range from cooking vegetables to powering a steam engine.  Water becomes this versatile energy source when it is heated to 212°F, its boiling point.  I've made this moment of transformation the focal point of my piece, illustrating it by repeating the degree symbol 212 times.
Ebb and Flow   Ebb and Flow
Gay E. Lasher   •  Denver, Colorado USA More Info
$9000   Ebb and Flow refers to the endless, mesmerizing action of waves at an ocean's shore, and also to events in our lives; times of happiness and sadness, success and failure.
  El Nino, Weather`s Puppeteer
Nancy Lemke   •  Bonita, California USA More Info
$1955   I live near San Diego, California where eight years of drought have left our landscape dry and prone to wildfires. I was ecstatic when the weather pattern El Niño was predicted for the winter of 2015-2016 because it normally brings us rain. However, only a few early rainstorms came, and by the end of winter, the land was more parched than ever. In this piece, El ▶
Flood Clothesline   Flood Clothesline
Susan Lenz   •  Columbia, South Carolina USA More Info
$1000   My hometown of Columbia, South Carolina experienced weeks of intense rain before the early morning of October 4, 2015 when several dams broke and flooded large portions of the city. Hundreds became homeless. Damages were in the millions. People I knew were evacuated by boat. The city’s water system was compromised. Rain continued to fall—it was a water disaster. ▶
L`Attitude Bleue   L`Attitude Bleue
Karin Lusnak   •   Albany, California USA More Info
$4000  A photo of sun on the water in Tahiti, the color of indigo blue,a jazz rendition of 'All Blues' by Miles Davis.L'Attitude Bleue.
Wrecking the Reef   Wrecking the Reef
Alison Muir   •  Cremorne, New South Wales Australia More Info
$3500   Mining, climate change, shipwrecks, and coral bleaching are all impacting Australia's greatest tourist attraction. Corporate business does not comprehend the idea of custodianship as opposed to ownership and is wrecking the Great Barrier Reef for all mankind.
Reflections in a Canal, Venice, Triptych   Reflections in a Canal, Venice, Triptych
Barbara Schneider   •  Woodstock, Illinois USA More Info
$4500   This triptych was created from photos I took in Venice on 3 successive days at the same canal at the same time. I wanted to see what remained the same and what changed. I continue to be intrigued by the abstract nature of the patterns that the camera sees reflected on the surface of the water.
Boundary Waters 83   Boundary Waters 83
Virginia Spiegel   •  Byron, Illinois USA More Info
$2500   My sister and I canoe each year in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, a network of lakes set in a refuge of 1.1 million acres along the Canadian-Minnesota border. We live in a world of water—traveling only when it permits, watching its patterns of a thousand blues and silvers, and dipping into its cool depths for our drinking water. We watch back bays filled ▶
Zeeland   Zeeland
Els van Baarle   •  Dreischor, Zeeland Netherlands More Info
$1200   I live close to the sea and am surrounded by water. The moisture in the air creates a hazy light, and I tried to capture that special atmosphere in this piece.
Poisoning Flint   Poisoning Flint
Mary Vaneecke   •   Tucson, Arizona USA More Info
$500   This work is an elegy for the lost trust between the citizens of a democratic country, and incompetent or indifferent government institutions. Just how do you win that back?
Fishing   Fishing
Barbara W. Watler   •  Pembroke Pines, Florida USA More Info
$3000   Easy access to coastal areas is one of the greatest advantages of living in south Florida.  My husband was an avid salt water fisherman, and he spent his free time on boats, gleefully fishing many, many happy hours away. This quilt is about his joyful fishing.
Gulf of Mexico - April 2010   Gulf of Mexico - April 2010
Isabelle Wiessler   •  Gundelfingen Germany More Info
$2000   I like to explore the environment; the marks left on eroded landscapes, the fragility of the earth, and the influence of human beings. Some ecological disasters can produce paradoxically beautiful palettes of color. This work was inspired by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Mountain Stream   Mountain Stream
Marianne Williamson   •  Miami, Florida USA More Info
$4000   My intent was to showcase the cold transparency of clean mountain water at the source. It splashes and gurgles as it flows downstream on its journey to the sea. The taste is cold and wonderful to drink. It is unpolluted; nature is at its best.
Sacramento River Chinook   Sacramento River Chinook
Martha Wolfe   •  Davis, California USA More Info
$1400   As water rights and availability change, so does the delicate natural balance of flora and fauna. Sacramento River is natal water to several declining runs of Chinook Salmon, one teetering on extinction.



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