Layered Voices (Artwork)

Type: Art Quilt
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Layers are everywhere. They become apparent when we plumb the earth’s surface, make archeological digs to discover the history of civilizations, explore human anatomy, dress for the weather, dig in freshly fallen snow, and count rings in the stump of a tree. Layers are abstract, too. We find them in language when we ponder the hidden meanings in novels, poems, conversations, and puns.

Textile artists achieve layering many ways in their artwork. Multi-hued fabrics frequently begin the layering process. The character of the layers can be changed by selecting sheer, opaque, reflective, tinted or toned fabric. Enhancement of the layers can be achieved with paints, dyes, bleaching, distressing, embellishments, and stitching. These are the tools at the artist’s disposal to create layers of light, shade, depth, and color.

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Selected Artists and Works

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Blue Burn   Blue Burn
Joanne Alberda   •  Sioux Center, Iowa, USA More Info
Tales from a Shingled Roof   Tales from a Shingled Roof
Joanne Alberda   •  Sioux Center, Iowa, USA More Info
Core Sample   Core Sample
Regina Benson   •  Golden, Colorado, USA More Info
Quite Quiet   Quite Quiet
Peggy Brown   •  Nashville, Indiana, USA More Info
Multicellular   Multicellular
Betty Busby   •  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA More Info
In Other Words   In Other Words
Jette Clover   •  Antwerpen, Belgium More Info
Defiant   Defiant
Linda Colsh   •   Middletown, Maryland, USA More Info
X Marks the Spot   X Marks the Spot
Fenella Davies   •  Bath, N. Somerset, United Kingdom More Info
The Profound   The Profound
Chiaki Dosho   •  Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan More Info
Cobwebs IV   Cobwebs IV
Linda Engstrom   •  Scottsdale, Arizona, USA More Info
Cross Currents #4   Cross Currents #4
Dianne Firth   •  Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia More Info
Happy today?   Happy today?
Leah Higgins   •   Manchester, United Kingdom More Info
Death Shroud for Democracy   Death Shroud for Democracy
Kristin La Flamme   •  Portland, Oregon, USA More Info
Somewhere Between   Somewhere Between
Paulette Landers   •  Rainier, Oregon, USA More Info
Migration. Souvenir.   Migration. Souvenir.
Roxanne Lasky   •  Bluffton, South Carolina, USA More Info
Of Irritability and Salinity   Of Irritability and Salinity
John Lefelhocz   •  Athens, Ohio, USA More Info
Letters to Myself - Page 2   Letters to Myself - Page 2
Denise Linet   •  Brunswick, Maine, USA More Info
Premonition   Premonition
Dinah Sargeant   •  Newhall, California, USA More Info
Entanglements   Entanglements
Barbara Watler   •  Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA More Info
Red Bioluminescence   Red Bioluminescence
Barbara Watler   •  Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA More Info
Smoke and Ashes: Ruins #1   Smoke and Ashes: Ruins #1
Charlotte Ziebarth   •   Boulder, Colorado, USA More Info



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