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This catalog features artwork from SAQA's Layered Voices exhibition. Also included is a foreward by Leslie C. Levy (Ardis & Robert James Executive Director of the International Quilt Study Center & Museum) and an essay from Juror Risèˆ Nagin.

ISBN: 978-0-9966638-5-4
Softcover, 54 pages (full-color)


Layers are everywhere. They become apparent when we plumb the earth’s surface, make archeological digs to discover the history of civilizations, explore human anatomy, dress for the weather, dig in freshly fallen snow, and count rings in the stump of a tree. Layers are abstract, too. We find them in language when we ponder the hidden meanings in novels, poems, conversations, and puns.

Textile artists achieve layering many ways in their artwork. Multi-hued fabrics frequently begin the layering process. The character of the layers can be changed by selecting sheer, opaque, reflective, tinted or toned fabric. Enhancement of the layers can be achieved with paints, dyes, bleaching, distressing, embellishments, and stitching. These are the tools at the artist’s disposal to create layers of light, shade, depth, and color.

Entrants were encouraged to interpret the use and concept of layering in their work. The layering of the media may be literal, inferred, or even digital. Realistic, representational, wearable art, and abstract work were considered.

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