Welcome to SAQA Seminar - Your Professional Toolkit!

The Education Committee welcomes you to the fourth SAQA Seminar. Our focus this year is Your Professional Toolkit and we are excited about the richness of the content! The goal of the Seminar is to educate and inspire members.

The six units are Exhibiting Your Art, Marketing Your Art, Selling Your Art, Sharing Your Art Online, Multiple Income Streams from Your Art, and Elevating Your Art Career. There are recorded video conversations with accomplished artists, resource links, written interviews with SAQA artists, discussion in the SAQA - Members Only Facebook Group, and a live webinar with Alyson Stanfield (watch recording here).

Whether you've already established a professional art practice, are simply curious about what that would entail, or anywhere between, we think you'll find something instructive and enlightening. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at seminar@saqa.com.


Unit 1: Exhibiting your Art

The first step in putting your art on a more professional plane is getting it seen.  But where? How? Unit 1 shares the experiences of artists who’ve traveled that path. You’ll also find resources for learning the best practices for preparing your work for exhibition.

Unit 2: Marketing your Art

We love to make our art, but a professional practice doesn’t stop there.  As in any other business, we have to market our product (in addition to showing it).  Learn how some artists have done this in Unit 2.


Unit 3: Selling your Art

You’ve gotten your work out in public. Great!  Now, wouldn’t it be great if someone or some organization bought it?!  While there’s no sure path to successfully monetizing your art, in Unit 3 you’ll hear about how some artists have achieved this goal.


Unit 4: Sharing your Art Online

Besides physical exhibition, there’s a virtual world out there with many platforms on which to share your work. The choices seem endless. In Unit 4 you’ll learn how other artists have decided where, how, and how often they share their art online and their parameters for determining the success of their efforts.


Unit 5: Multiple Revenue Streams from your Art

Teaching, writing, speaking: these are but three ways to generate income that can be directly related to your art. Learn about the rewards and costs of diversifying your professional activities from artists’ personal experiences in Unit 5.


Unit 6: Elevating your Art Career

Continuing education and exploration are also key to your professional art practice. Classes and workshops, critique and discussion groups, art and museum outings all support your development. SAQA has many opportunities and resourcesavailable to you as part of your membership. Unit 6 surveys your options inside and outside of SAQA.




SAQA Seminar FAQs

What is SAQA Seminar?

Launched in 2016, SAQA Seminar is an annual project offered through the Education Committee just for SAQA members. We wanted to provide members with opportunities to learn more about a particular topic, share their expertise, ask questions, have conversations, and meet new people.

SAQA Seminar is a multi-media collection of content that will be released weekly over a 6 week period. It will include articles, resources, video conversations, and more. All the offerings are accessible online. (It’s not a traditional retreat, workshop, class or conference. It’s all virtual.)


I can't access the resources - what is my login?

The members-only content of SAQA Seminar is available to current SAQA members only. You will need to login to your mySAQA account to access the information. Don't remember your mySAQA password? Here is a link to request a password reset email. If you require additional assistance, please contact us at info@saqa.com.


Why do I need to register?

Since SAQA Seminar is only available to members, you do need to register first. This ensures that you receive the weekly SAQA Seminar email plus receive access to all the online opportunities. Remember to add saqa.com to your list of approved senders so our emails don't end up in your spam. However, all the information will also be available online. 

You will need to login to your mySAQA account as part of the registration process. Don't remember your mySAQA password? Here is a link to request a password reset email. If you require additional assistance, please contact us at info@saqa.com.

While you can register without logging in, we do prefer that you login first. Otherwise we have to merge your records and this may delay your access to the online resources.


Due to my work / travel schedule, I can't participate all the time. Is this a problem?

That's totally fine! SAQA Seminar is not an online course with classes that you are required to attend.

You can begin exploring when we kick off on January 27 or you may find your way to all the great resources several weeks later.


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