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Member Downloads

SAQA Badges:

Use on your own website or as an email signature. Most users may right-click on an image below, to download to their own computer. If you use an image on your website, please link it to  https://www.SAQA.com

SAQA logo for web use:

These versions are higher resolution files suitable for use on websites. They are not suitable for print use.



SAQA logo for print use:

These zip flies contain vector based logos which must be “placed” or “imported” into a layout program (Adobe InDesign or similar). They are not to be directly opened. The files also include greyscale, black and white, and reversed copies of the logo files in PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Download zip file of SAQA logo (regular version) 

Download zip file of SAQA logo (30th anniversary version)


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